"I am fortunate to have found Colleen and the Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy.  I always felt safe with Colleen; she is kind, non-judgemental, and east to open up to.  The Breathwork was truly transformational, even after only one session!  I have gained confidence, a more positive direction and outlook, and a wonderful sense of peace within.  It is a very effective and powerful therapy.  I highly recommend Colleen if you are feeling stuck, dealing with negative emotions, or recovering from a trauma.  It has been one of the best things I have done for myself."  CM

"Working with Colleen has been priceless.  Her guidance really helped me walk through some of life's challenges with integrity and as much serenity as possible.  She is an excellent listener and helped me find the right path for me.  I love her and am eternally grateful for having her in my life."  LW 

"Colleen's ability to make me feel comfortable and safe allowed me to quickly and deeply go into my experience each time I have worked with her.  I was able to let my truth show and allow my energy to profoundly move, however it needed to move.  I never felt like Colleen was trying to get me to go somewhere; she was merely there to facilitate me with my own process, however that looked (and sometimes, it wasn't pretty!)  I would recommend her to both the newcomer and people who have done breathwork or received Healing Touch before.  She will meet you, lovingly, wherever you are."  BG 

"As a client of Colleen both individually and in a group, I find her to be very insightful and extraordinarily positive with a remarkable ability for uncovering hidden issues.  She conveys knowledge in a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental manner, which has enabled me to make profound changes in myself.  Much of my inner growth is due to her clear communication that is so easily understood.  Because of her encouragement, guidance and support, I have continued to 'feed my soul' while moving gently through life's challenges.  Colleen is an educator, counselor, and healer rolled into one."  JF 

"Your support over the years has allowed me to be present to my Life.  You have my eternal gratitude."  PC 

"Thank you! Thirty years ago you introduced Infant Massage to my special needs son and I .He has never had complications from constipation. I, too, believe Infant Massage allowed his siblings and I to bond with him. He always thought it was a game, and in reality we were assisting in stimulating his colon. As we continued to massage his extremities we assisted in decreasing sensory overload. Many a night when I peeked in on him at bed time, he would be massaging his tummy, legs, and feet. He loved massaging his feet. Again, thank you for your multiple teachings over the years to our Five p Minus families!." (Feb, 2020)  PF