Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

Colleen completed the stringent requirements of the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner program in 2015.  

Healing touch is a gentle and relaxing form of energy work which works with balancing one's energy field.  Facilitation of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing can be experienced by strengthening one's natural ability to heal. Client benefits can include pain relief, stress reduction, accelerated wound healing, increased spiritual connection with self and others, smoother transitions, expanded sense of well-being, and support in one's dying process. 

A session first involves talking with the client to assess his or her needs.  Next, laying fully clothed on a massage table, one receives 20-30" of the practitioner's hands above or gently laid on the body.  Next is integration through exploration of the client's experience. There is a cumulative effect through regular treatments.  A treatment session lasts 75".

Payment:  PayPal, Venmo, Zelle (to colleenfrayn@gmail.com), Check, or Cash